Desperate Heroes

Choose your favorite 4 heroes and play thrilling battle action!! Offline Game!


Find the light of hope in the dark shadow upon the continent of Sephiroth.

Soar through the moments of crisis as a true leader of the heroes.


Desperate Heroes is an action game that you can enjoy the fight and configure the heroes of your own party band consisting of four heroes in a lot of heroes.

You can play your own style as you want .

If you want to play strategic play, we recommend you to choose the wizard and archer.

If you want to take thrilling battle action, a team of Berserker and Knight may suit your style.


When you’re ready to battle, jump into the enemy’s center quickly and get out of there in dangerous moment.

Quick movement and powerful skills will let you feel the heart of battlefield.

This will all unfold in desperate moments in your palm.


Be a true leader.


■■■■■ Features ■■■■■

▣ Play thrilling battle action with your favorite 4 Heroes!

▣ Create your own ultimate Band with a numerous combination of your leader and Heroes.

▣ Unique Skills and Costumes for each leader and hero!

▣ Fight with huge boss monsters and a variety of races monsters!

▣ Endless playable Stages and Dungeons! Big fun to find a mastery stone and treasure box!

▣ Collection for badges with your stars!

▣ Simple and each touch control system.