Happy New Year!! 25



Happy New Year!!

It’s a little bit late to say ‘Happy New Year’ but better saying it rather than not saying anything. :)

We have been migrating our web server and preparing for our next game. We hope to post some of real information soon.

Thank you.


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25 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

    • Oddy Arts Game Post author


      Thank you for playing SOL EX. I’m sorry you can’t transfer your save data to your new phone. I’m so sorry I can’t help you.

  • blazeafroman

    So whelat events you guys got for aurum blade? Like could you guys like give us a day where we can have an unlimited power tickets so I can have my other two characters get some cool items instead wiating every midnight knowing that the tickets dont stack

  • Patrick

    I enjoy both games a lot. But I’m kinda stuck in Stone of Life with Arch Mage near the end of the game. There are monsters with purple aura/health bar (like the green shield indicator circle at the monster’s feet, except it’s purple) that block pretty much all of the attacks. Only (weak) physical attacks and trap skills seem to work on it. I did manage to get a lucky shot once or twice with a magic skill, but I have no idea what strategy to use against these things. It prevents me from progressing and even finishing dungeons. Is there any hidden trick to beating these monsters?

    • Oddy Arts Game Post author

      When a boss blocks your skill attach, please attack it and clear it’s SP. Then use several your Barrier skills and Trap Skills at the same time, then you can kill it. Thanks.

      • Patrick

        Ah, so that’s the secret. Just as the upper bar is completely empty it’s possible. Once they regenerate a single bit, it blocks all spells again. Makes it pretty dangerous for Arch Mage though, during my test I died a few times before I got it right.
        Btw, is it supposed to be that Meteor sometimes doesn’t make ‘contact’ to do damage to monsters?

  • blazeafroman

    Hey oddy arts this is craig I wondering when will you come up with a new game. Cause to tell you the truth aurum and s.o.l. or good but boring since neither one have any online mode to play with others. So my question to your company developer’s when will we expect to get an new game or at least a upgraded version of the too that we got, now I know you tired of hearing these same questions buti like these too mobile games, but will it be a problem to add online or upgrade it to make it better with more stories and characters with new skills and update verison so we can fight more bosses please let me know if you can or not and why that you can’t.
    Thank you
    P.S. I gave both games five star and would give five more stars to them if I could

  • Mr.truong

    Please help me way to unlock all dungeon in blue ring , dungeon find set item. My phone is iphone4 run ios 5.1 .


    • Oddy Arts Game Post author

      3 Rune Dungeons and 4 Set Item Dungeons are opened at the moment. We’re going to open the rest of dungeons. Thanks.

  • Dennis Jedreigh

    i really love SOL EX and AURUM BLADE. Say, is this two are sequel? Because i saw Marduk in the SOL EX but only a child. O_o

      • Oddy Arts Game Post author

        Thank you for enjoying our games. :)
        SOL EX and Aurum Blade tells different stories of its own but they are connected chronologically in our rpg world. I’ll let you know when our new game comes out. Thanks.

    • Oddy Arts Game Post author

      Hello! You can’t transfer your save data to your new phone. You have to download it and start over again. I’m so sorry I can’t help you. Thanks.

  • juan chiquillo

    hi i want to know how to level out the latest weapons in the store because they have a No. 3 upgrade but would not let me know to make the game more tools.
    thank you very much for the game is fun and addictive but also wanted to take out weapons and armor to the game and hopefully this possible hope soon the second part of the game and can put it also in Spanish.

    • Oddy Arts Game Post author


      Thank you for playing SOL EX.
      Please refer the attachment which shows how to level up your limited items.
      I sent the attachment via your email. Please check your email.

      We hope to publish a Spanish version and the second part of SOL EX.
      Thanks you for your feedback and suggestion.

      If you have any other question, please contact us again.


  • remher Cejalvo

    Pls help..

    I made a purchased for 350 g but suddenly experienced bad internet connection.. it says fails to consume.. pls help..

      • Remher Cejalvo

        Order date : 01/14/15 10:46:14
        Order no : 12999763169054705758.

        Order date : 01/25/15 12:39:25
        Order no : 12999763169054705758.

        Dear oddyarts,

        Pls review my order numbers above for assurance of my refund claim. Thank you so much in advance. I really love sol ex that’s why im buying gems to make my character armors and weapons get stronger. These claims are for 350 gems each. Again, thank you and more power. Btw, pls make another good game i’ll be excitedly waiting.

        • Oddy Arts Game Post author


          Thank you for your message.

          I approved your refund for 2 orders.
          Please check your Google Wallet.
          It takes time to get your refund because of the process of Google Play Store and your credit card company.

          If you have any other question, please contact us again.

  • stevieg81

    Hi guys, first of all I wanna thank you for this great game and keep up the good work!
    I have a little problem with the Lunar gift monster which spawns in the Northwest of the Curseland. I managed to kill it and It dropped a nice legendary necklace. However, I was unable to save the game before my phone battery went out. When i returned to the game the item is no longer in my bag and the Lunar monster doesn’t spawn anymore. Its there a way to fix this problem? Cheers and thanks in advnce.

    • Oddy Arts Game Post author

      Hello! I contacted your by your email.
      “I’m so sorry you have a problem.
      But you catch it only one time.
      We don’t have a system to send items to your phone directly.
      I’m so sorry I can’t help you.”