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About the Game

 Hero, a member of the ‘Black Troops’, the most feared unit in the Amon kingdom, is on a secret mission to transport the ‘Stone of Life’ to the castle, when attacked by a group of mysterious men.

‘Stone of Life’ is an action RPG, optimized to the high-definition and touch interface of smartphones.


How to play



How to use Skills
To use destruction magic skills, register the skills to use in the quick slot and touch the screen.
When you touch the screen and the magic skill becomes ready to fire, the circle on the screen changes its color to bright blue.
To use buff magic skills, register the skills to use in the quick slot and touch the quick slot button.

Skill Cannot be used

Skill Cannot be used


Skill is being charged

Skill is being charged

Skill is ready to fire

Skill is ready to fire

Skill is being fired

Skill is being fired

4 Job Styles
4 job styles, a variety of weapons and training skills for each style!  And various magic skills!
You may select one of 4 job classes, ‘Dual Blade’, ‘Knight’, ‘Berserker’ and ‘Arch Mage’ for each gender!


The main character gender can be selected.

char_knight char_dual_blade char_berserker char_arch_mage

Four styles with different weapons and training skills!

Action Style!
Each Style has 4 different Action styles to provide extreme and various fun
You may advance your action styles and fight with your favorite style.


Activate your Action Style and attack enemies with different patterns of action.



<Job classes and Action Styles>
Dual Blade : A combat style with short blades in each hand to deliver quick and deadly attacks.
-Dual Blade : A basic Action Style of Dual Blade. It consists of 3 combo attacks.
-Assassin : This action style is developed to suit to fight with one enemy to deliver greater damage.
-Sword Dancer : This action style is showy like a sword dancing. It enables the hero to fight multiple enemies simultaneously
-Blade Master : This action style gives the quickest blade attack and finishes with the strong knock back slash over enemies around.

Knight : A combat style with high survivability, using various single-handed weapons(single-handed sword/mace/war axe) and shield.
    -Knight : A basic Action Style of Knight.
    -Defender : The action style consists of continuous action. The hero attacks surrounding enemies and hits one enemy with a strong knock back attack after.
-Elemental Knight : The action style enables the hero to push away surrounding enemies and move forward to the heart of crowded enemies and deliver big knock back and damage.
    -Holy Knight : The hero can move close to enemies in one dash and attack them twice with huge damages in this Action Style.

Berserker : A powerful combat style using two-handed weapons(two-hand sword/war hammer/battle axe) to take on multiple enemies at once.
    -Berserker : A basic Action Style of Berserker
    -Crasher : Slow but powerful attack delivers huge knockback and big damages to enemies in front of the hero in this Action Style.
    -Gladiator : This Action Style allows the hero to use quickly Two-Handed Weapons like daggers.
    -War Master : The hero can move into the center of crowded enemies and destroy surrounding enemies with strong downward blows in this Action Style.

Arch Mage : A combat style using long distance weapons(staff/magic wand) to use various and powerful magic.
-Archmage : A basic Action Style of Archmage.
-Shaman : The hero is able to shoot fast magic bolts.
-Sage : The hero is able to shoot slow magic bolts to deliver huge knock back
-Spell Master : The hero is able to shoot huge magic bolts to attack mutiple enemies.

Innovative Power Attack System!
Fill Power Attack Gauge and use Power Attack for strong and continuous attacks!
Four job classes have their own unique Power Attack, which can be more powerful with activating each Action Style.


<How to fill Power Attack Guage according to styles>
Dual Blade : Whenever you succeed in combo attack, you can fill Power Attack Guage.
Knight : Whenever you’re attacked by enemies, you can fill Power Attack Guage.
Berserker : When time goes on, Power Attack Guage is filled automatically.
Arch Mage : Whenever you use magic skills, you can fill Power Attack Guage.

<Upgrade of Power Attack>
Power Attack for your job class can be upgraded when you activate your new action style.
When Power Attack is upgraded, a new Power Attack pattern is added. You can attack longer and more powerfully by using the upgraded Power Attack.

Countless dungeons for infinite challenge!!

More than 400 maps and 80 dungeons, challenging the limits of mobile RPGs!
Various missions and bonuses for each dungeon! Try to get the highest score for each dungeon!
You will have different strategy and experiences with your job classes, weapons and training skills when you encounter the stronger monsters and obstacles in Dungeon challenge!

You can check the dungeons discovered and cleared from the dungeon challenge menu.


Each dungeon has its own story and map monsters.


Each dungeon also has its main mission and various sub missions.


The evaluation differs according to the clear time within the time limit, or the number of monsters destroyed, or how many sub mission tasks are achieved.


The powerful summon monster, Blade!
Strategic gameplay is possible with the powerful summon monster ‘Blade’! Summon the Blade to fight at your side!
The skills each Blade has will make the player more powerful!

Over 300 various monsters!
Over 300 various monsters! Thieves, soldiers, orcs, sasquatch, werewolves, skeletons, golems, spirits, etc!
Various attack patterns for each monsters, and countless giant monsters within the dungeons!!


Hi-definition graphics, optimized for smartphones!

Lavishing and clear graphics, optimized for the hi-definition of smartphone displays!
Various and vast maps and dungeons! Villages! Detailed and lively characters! Lavishing effects!

stash_2 stash_1

Stash(storage) system
Items within the Stash can be shared by the 3 save slots!
Use the stash to share the items from each game play!

In Stone of Life, quests, maps, monsters, items, and Blades will be constantly updated!

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